VREDAN JUBILEJ: Mercedes slavi 120 godina (VIDEO)

Za 120 godina postojanja, Mercedes je od premijum automobilske marke došao do toga da se smatra sinonimom luksuza

U aprilu 1900. godine Emil Jellinek postavio je temelje kompanije DMG (Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft), koja je danas sinonim luksuzne marke u automobilskom svetu. Ovaj industrijalac i zaljubljenik u automobile, koji je živeo u Nici, bio je najveći prodavac Daimler vozila toga vremena i neko ko ih je pripremao za trke.

Smatrajući ime DMG malo rogobatnim, Jellinek je počeo da automobile naziva imenom svoje ćerke Mercedes. Tako je 1901. model Mercedes 35 PS, koji je imao upravo toliko konjskih snaga, bio prvi automobil sa tim imenom, ali ujedno i veoma uspešan, budući da je trijumfovao u skoro svim takmičenjima te sezone na Azurnoj obali.

Imao je fascinantnu pojavu, potpuno novi dizajn, eleganciju i kvalitet. Ubrzo je ime Mercedes postalo svetski poznat sinonim za inovacije i luksuz u automobilskoj industriji. A narednih 120 godina izgledalo je ovako...

"We want to make Mercedes-Benz the most popular luxury brand!"Bettina Fetzer, Marketing Director Mercedes-Benz AG, in conversation with Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Daimler AG, about the fascination of a brand and the interplay of brand, design and luxury.Ms. Fetzer, you could be the great-granddaughter of Mercédès Jellinek, the namesake of Mercedes-Benz. What makes the brand so attractive to you after so long? And what will the future bring?Bettina Fetzer: Isn't that absolutely fascinating? Our founders invented the automobile over 130 years ago, and for 120 years the brand with the star has been part of public life. During this time, Mercedes became a symbol of German engineering and has rejuvenated and opened up to new target groups in particular in recent years, but at the same time has increased its claim to luxury. Developing a brand icon like Mercedes-Benz from a respected father's brand into a respected and beloved brand of all generations is the ultimate task for me.And for you, Mr. Wagener, what does Mercedes mean to you?Gorden Wagener: My first car was a line 8. You never forget the "first time", whether it's ice cream or a car (laughs).Mercedes has always been a dream in our family. When I was young, people drove Mercedes that had “made it” and that had a dream come true with a star on the hood. Today I can help shape the future of the brand with my team, it is a dream come true.Bettina Fetzer: Have you always wanted to go to Mercedes?Gorden Wagener: Indeed. I wanted to reach for the stars if you like. Every designer strives to create icons, and Mercedes has the brightest star. That is both a burden and an opportunity. If you deliver good design, you will be celebrated if it goes wrong, you will be fired.According to your surveys, a Mercedes-Benz vehicle has been bought because of its brand and, for some time now, because of its design. It hasn't always been that way, so there's a lot of responsibility on both of your shoulders, right?Bettina Fetzer: That's exactly why Gorden and I work closely together - there is more space on our two shoulders (laughs). But in fact, according to Interbrand - again confirmed in 2019 - Mercedes-Benz is by far the most valuable luxury automobile brand in the world - and the only European player in the top 10. The responsibility for this brand makes my team and me a little awesome, but above all, very proud.Gorden Wagener: We have managed to transform the traditional luxury of our fathers into a modern and sustainable luxury. Older men with hats used to drive a Benz. Today the youth proudly drives A-Class and is “fully connected”. Mercedes is suddenly cool. The responsibility for good and successful design drives us. That benefits the brand and fuels the team. It's like in sport, without big goals you can't set world records. That is why our mission is: We want to make Mercedes-Benz the most popular luxury brand.How much does the original Mercedes brand have in common with today's?Gorden Wagener: Mercedes has always been a luxury brand and, right from the start, also a design brand, the terms for it were simply different. The optics, the design, the material, everything we call staging, was there from the start. The staging of technology was also always important, and it still shapes us today.Bettina Fetzer: That's right, then as now, Mercedes is a brand that arouses emotions and represents an experience for our customers. We are a strong brand that gives our customers orientation and support. It is a responsibility that we take very seriously, especially in this time of uncertainty. As a brand, we show an attitude, have an opinion and use ourselves and our voice in a targeted manner. With our DonateourReach campaign, for example.Gorden Wagener: Mercedes-Benz has always been a globally sought-after brand. With a car from our house you were always noticed, maybe envied, but never in a negative context. And Gottlieb Daimler already knew more about staging or marketing and communication than was common at the time. Today we say influencers, then film star, celebrity or artist. His customers were always on an equal footing, women drove just like men, which was very unusual in the early years of the automobile.

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